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About Us

Safer Drinking Breathalyzer Vending Machines

We provide Breathalyzers for free in the establishments that agree with our philosophy of empowering patrons to drink confidently and responsibly.


Our Breathalyzers are of the highest quality, comparable to those used by law enforcement with full Platinum sensor technology and they are the most accurate on the market – when used as directed. This accuracy translates into the real world information that you need to make the right decision, whether that is driving, waiting, calling a cab, or having another drink while waiting for your ride.


Our founder, John, has over 30 years in technology and has always believed that technology can and does have a positive effect on our lives. Once he saw the application of technology to help people make better choices when drinking, he immediately saw the need to get involved and formed Safer Drinking in order to help people make better decisions regarding drinking and driving. One of the reasons this issue is so important to John is that, like too many of us, he has lost a member of his extended family to driving under the influence.


We at Safer Drinking believe that people should be able to go out and have a blast – but also be given the tools to determine when it’s best that they call a cab or stay put and order a meal.


Our mission is to help us all get home safe to our families and to put an end to the completely preventable problem of driving under the influence.


Safer Drinking is a company that was founded to help empower people to drink responsibly.  
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Safer Drinking supports the individual’s right to enjoy alcohol responsibly. We simply encourage access to, and use of, breath alcohol content measuring devices to avoid intoxicated driving.  
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We work with several organizations to raise awareness in the community. These are groups and organizations that share a belief that more information equals better decisions.  
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Get Involved with Safer Drinking

Whether you are a bar or restaurant owner interested in becoming a Safer Drinking Member, a business or product interested in Safer Drinking Sponsorship options, or you have general comments or inquires please contact us for more information.



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