Penny Lane Pub is the first bar in Richmond to get one, and hundreds of people are blowing into it. It’s a breathalyzer installed right on the bar wall. Anyone can easily check their blood-alcohol level, right before leaving.

Mark Sherman is starting up the breathalyzer business in the Richmond area, and hopes to install them across RVA. Sherman says for $2, you can determine whether you’re registering above the legal BAC limit, 0.08.

“It comes equipped with a fuel sensor that’s very accurate,” said Sherman.

After blowing through a disposable straw into the machine, the screen reveals its calculation of your BAC. The machine also reminds anyone who registers any trace of alcohol, not to operate heavy machinery, a.k.a., drive. If someone blows over the legal limit, a warning beep alerts them to definitely stay out from behind the wheel.

“If I had a friend who I thought was drinking too much, and…was giving me a ride, I would force them to take this,” said Jacob Fulton, of the device.

Penny Lane Pub bar manager Joe Cashin says they were completely supportive of helping their customers realize when to cut themselves off… or call a cab.

“I just think it’s a great idea, if anyone is borderline… they can blow into this, get the result and we’ll know exactly where they are,” said Penny Lane Pub bar manager Joseph Cashin.

So far, Sherman says 75 to 100 people are blowing in the box a month. He says he hopes to expand his company across the state. Sherman says he installs the device for free, and splits revenue with the bar.

“Even if it convinces one person not to get behind the wheel, I view that as a success,” continued Sherman.

Sherman says you have to wait 10 to 15 minutes after your last drink to get an accurate reading. He says several others bars are also considering installing the Boozelators.

The DMV reports 251 alcohol-related fatal crashes in Virginia, last year.


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