Shots Miami signs two year contract with SaferDrinking.com


Wynewood, Miami, FL – January 11th, 2015Shots management and staff welcome Miami company SaferDrinking.com and herald efforts to help their customers know when they should look for other ways to get home besides getting behind the wheel.


The device has been in use since October and has seen a steady rise in usage. Management recently had SaferDrinking.com move the device to a more prominent position near the dance floor and outside DJ booth in an effort to increase usage now that it is more visible.


John F. Sklavounos of SaferDrinking.com has been placing public use breathalyzers into bars, lounges and nightclubs for only a short time but has seen increasing interest in recent months.


“Miami is a great starting point for us,” says Mr. Sklavounos, “we’re a city of fun and innovation. We can see that in our strong tech initiatives and bustling nightlife, so it was only natural for us to put the two together to help everyone enjoy their drinking more safely.”


In recent months, the company has seen usage increase in their other locations as well. Experts believe this is due to customers (especially younger) having a higher awareness of their social responsibility and being willing to use technology in an effort to make everyone’s lives better.


Mr. Sklavounos feels that this can also benefit the overall economy in a big way.


“The citizens of Florida spend an esitmated $400 million per year defending against DUI charges. Wouldn’t that money be much better spent in our overall economy?”


John Sklavounos started SaferDinking.com in Miami so you can “Know your limit. Know your options.” which at it’s core means giving people the tools to gauge whether or not they should get behind the wheel after a night of fun.


John F. Sklavounos
6815 Biscayne Blvd.
Suite 103-170
Miami, FL 33138
Ph: 305-901-2310



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